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Being a positive force in our community is important to us, so when we learned that a lot of businesses in NoDa could benefit from having a place to recycle, we were eager to step up and help. The Mecklenberg County Wipe Out Waste Ambassador Program recently recognized our efforts by naming us Best Commercial Recycling Drop-Off. We are honoroed to accept the award, although to us, the real reward is being able to help increase recycling efforts by the businesses in our community.

Environmentally-Friendly Hair Care Products

Buy Davines products at Orange Olive in Noda

As an eco-conscious local business, it only makes sense that we take the time to identify hair care and beauty products that support our green initiatives. That’s one of many reasons why we are proud to carry Davines at Orange Olive. Davines is committed to “sustainable beauty” in their products, packaging and business practices.

Davines was named Zero Impact Ambassador 2013 for their involvement with the Zero Impact project, which aims to calculate, reduce and offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by activities, products, services and events. Davines is leading the salon community in these efforts, and Orange Olive is proud to offer Davines products to our customers each and every day.

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